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Youtube’s Best Channels for At-Home Movement

With the current state of society, most, if not all, exercise studios and gyms have closed for the foreseeable future; many have lost access to their regular outlets for movement. Reduced daily movement and being inside for long periods of time have become the new normal. But the stress caused from these situations can be reduced with moderate daily movement.

Regular movement comes with a long list of benefits, aside from the ability to shrink waistlines. Regular exercise improves mood and reduces feelings of stress/anxiety. Exercise encourages the production of various brain chemicals, endorphins and serotonin, which are the body's happy chemicals. So in these times of increased stress, moving your body will help bring you back into an overall balanced state. Regular movement can improve circulation, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, boost energy levels, and strengthen the immune system. Regular exercise is a standard recommendation for the management and reduction of chronic disease. There is not a prescription drug that is powerful enough to surpass the positive effects and improvements on ones overall well being, as exercise does. The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week and broken down that can look like 30 minutes of exercise a day for five days. Listed below are Youtube channels offering free movement classes, such as yoga, pilates, HIIT, and strength. These classes range from ten minutes to an hour and are suitable for all levels.



Yoga is one of the most common forms of movement recommended for stress reduction. With its ability to decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, yoga has the ability to reduce the negative side effects stress can cause. Yoga also helps to build strength, increase flexibility, and reduce chronic pain.

  • Yoga with Kassandra offers a wide array of classes; there is something for everyone here. She provides videos featuring different styles of yoga and modifications for all levels. Whether you're looking for a quick vinyasa flow to start the morning or a gentle, relaxing yin in the evening, there options for everyone.

  • ​Click here for Yoga with Kassandra's channel

  • Boho Beautiful offers shorter videos packed with delicious yoga/pilates content. She provides videos to address common problems such as back and wrist pain, as well as gentle to vigorous yoga flows.

  • Click here for Boho Beautiful's channel

  • Fightmaster Yoga offers many yoga videos suitable for all levels. Classes vary in length and difficulty levels. There are videos for those new to yoga, as well as those with a seasoned practice. She also has sprinkled a few short guided meditations throughout the channel to aid in calming the mind.

  • ​Click here for Fightmaster Yoga's channel



Cardiovascular exercise, aka aerobic exercise, is any movement that increases the heart and breath rate. Regularly incorporating aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, helping them work more efficiently daily. Strength training is important for the health of our bones. Regular strength exercise will help increase bone density and reduce the risk of bone deterioration as we age.

  • MADfit offers many shorter HIIT/cardio-focused workouts. Many of these workouts were created without the need for space, equipment, or experience. For those who struggle with knee issues, she provides a whole portion of knee-friendly exercises, making movement accessible to everyone.

  • ​Click here for MADfit's channel

  • POPSUGAR Fitness' wide variety of creative cardio-based workouts are what make this channel unique. Offering more than the typical 'HIIT' workout, such as cardio dance classes, kickboxing, pilates, and plyometrics. There are videos for all levels of experience, and little to no equipment is needed.

  • Click here for POPSUGAR's channel

  • FitnessBlender's account provides an array of different kinds of workouts. Anywhere from a 20 minute HIIT routine to a 10-minute resistance band workout to functional upper body strength. The videos are suitable for all experience levels, as they do a great job of thoroughly explaining what to do and how to do it.

  • ​Click here for FitnessBlenders channel

  • Psychetruth, created by a health coach to ensure wellness is accessible to everyone. She offers vigorous HIIT, strength, and yoga workouts for those that want to sweat. But, on the contrary, also provided are a variety of meditations and slower yoga targeted to common ailments, such as back and shoulder pain. There are even a few 'baby and me' classes for all the new moms out there.

  • ​Click here for Psychetruth's channel


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